A Love-filled Affair at Carriage Hall: Mel and Jack's September Celebration

Step into the heartwarming love story of Mel and Jack, as they tied the knot at the charming Carriage Hall in Plumtree. As an experienced Carriage Hall Wedding Photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing every beautiful moment on their special day in September 2022. Having met this lovely couple at their friends' wedding back in 2018, it was great to catch up with Victoria & Phil who were bridesmaid and best man for today.

Getting Ready

The day began at Mel & Jack's home in Bingham, where the air was filled with excitement, laughter, and the occasional appearance of their adorable cats. Bridal preparations were a collaborative effort, with bridesmaids and mum pitching in. Meanwhile, over at his bestman's house in Gedling, Jack and his groomsmen were gearing up for the day. After getting ready and a quick drink in the garden, it was time to head over to Carriage Hall. They couldn't resist stopping for another brief drink at Perkin's Bar & Bistro though on their way.

The Emotional Unveiling

Back with Mel, the bridesmaids played a crucial role in helping her into her dress, leading to a touching reveal for her father, who had been patiently waiting in the kitchen! This moment was filled with beauty and emotion, setting the tone for the day.

Ceremony and Joyful Moments

Over at Carriage Hall, Jack awaited nervously. Distracting himself by meeting and greeting guests, the nerves were evident. Mel's arrival heightened the anticipation, and Jack's emotional reaction captured the essence of their love. He just couldn't hold it back and a few tears were let out.

The ceremony was cheerful, marked by laughter and smiles. Following the formalities, the couple shared a quick quiet moment, before embracing a lively confetti tunnel and group photos with their loved ones.

Moments as a couple

We took a walk down the track to get some fun and relaxed photos of our happy couple. Mel & Jack were both not the most comfortable in front of the camera. So with some coaching, a bit of banter and the odd joke, they were soon relaxing into it. They ended up having a great time together whilst we captured the moments.

Heartfelt Speeches

After a delectable meal, heartfelt speeches unfolded. Starting off with Mel's mum, then her dad followed by Jack. They culminated in Jack's groomsmen sharing their words of affection (and some funny stories). The speeches were not only touching but also accompanied by bespoke artwork, by Mel's dad, making them truly memorable.

Dancing Into Forever

The first dance, filled with nerves and joy, marked the beginning of a lively celebration. The dance floor soon became a vibrant space, with friends and family joining in the festivities. Laughter and fun took centre stage. This even included a spirited attempt at the worm by Jack, albeit hindered by his suit (or so he says!)

Dreaming of your own love-filled celebration at Carriage Hall?

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