Verity and Jonathan's journey into wedded bliss unfolded under the warm embrace of a sunny day at the enchanting Colwick Hall in Nottingham. Join me as we relive the magical moments, captured by your tame Colwick Hall wedding photographer, that made their day truly unforgettable.

The anticipation began as Verity prepared for her special day, surrounded by loved ones in the cozy confines of Colwick Hall. The air was filled with excitement and laughter as Verity, her mum, mother-in-law, and bridesmaids shared joyful moments while getting ready.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hotel, Jonathan and his groomsmen were suiting up, exchanging banter, and perfecting ties. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and cheerful nerves, setting the tone for the day.

With final touches applied, we captured playful moments with Verity and her bridesmaids, creating memories to be cherished forever. The grand reveal of Verity in her wedding dress brought tears of pride to her father's eyes – a poignant moment etched in time.

The Grand Ballroom filled with eager guests awaited Verity's entrance, and Jonathan, the epitome of nerves, found solace in her sight. The ceremony unfolded with humour, heartwarming readings, and the collective support of everyone present.

Post-ceremony, confetti rained down as the newlyweds drank in the joy of the moment (and a lot of confetti!), surrounded by friends and sunshine. Lawn games and friendly competition ensued, creating an atmosphere of pure delight.

Unique group photos captured the remnants of confetti in Jonathan's waistcoat, adding a touch of spontaneity to the proceedings. 

A stroll through the woods down by the river provided the perfect backdrop for intimate couple photos.

Inside, the speeches resonated with laughter and applause, with Jonathan best man stealing the show with a very risky ‘in the air’ joke (Jonathan is a pilot for some context).

As the sun dipped towards the horizon, we seized the golden hour for captivating photos with the beautiful lavender and the iconic Colwick Hall fountain.

Back inside, the cake cut and first dance marked the beginning of a lively celebration. Laughter, smiles, and dance moves filled the air, creating a jubilant atmosphere that echoed through the night.

Before bidding farewell, a stunning set of photos on the majestic staircase with the opulent chandelier sealed the narrative of Verity and Jonathan's Colwick Hall wedding.

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