Love Takes Flight: Natalie & Jack's August Wedding at Dovecliff Hall Hotel

Nestled within the serene surroundings of a 7-acre garden overlooking the meandering River Dove stands the elegant Georgian Manor House, Dovecliff Hall Hotel. This distinguished Grade II listed property, dating back to 1790, served as the enchanting backdrop for the summer wedding of Natalie and Jack in August 2022. Follow our work as an experienced Dovecliff Hall Wedding Photographer.

A Tale of Firsts

Natalie and Jack, a couple brought together by fate and referred to me by a fellow photographer, embarked on their wedding journey with unparalleled excitement. This wasn't just their day of union but also the couple's very first experience attending a wedding. As fate would have it, Jack's chosen career as a pilot resonated with my massive ‘Av-geekiness’ forging an instant connection.

From Nerves to Elation: Capturing Every Emotion by Dovecliff Hall Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, my role extends beyond capturing moments; it involves guiding couples through their special day. Natalie and Jack's day commenced with Natalie's radiant smile illuminating the bridal suite at Dovecliff Hall Hotel. You could feel the air filled with a mix of smiles, laughter, and a touch of nerves, setting the stage for a day of genuine emotions.

Simultaneously, my regular photography partner for the day, Luke, joined Jack at his parents' home in Stretton. With the surprise arrival of a convertible Bentley added an extra layer of excitement, especially for Natalie's brother, who couldn't resist a joyous ride.

A Ceremony of Simple Elegance

The ceremony unfolded with simplicity and grace, complemented by a heartfelt reading from Jack's Grandad. Natalie's brother, the ring bearer, handed the rings carefully over to Jack's brother, the best man who held them for our nervous couple. The joy emanating from the newlyweds as they walked back down the aisle was infectious, setting the tone for the celebrations to follow.

Confetti Walks and Garden Serenity

The idyllic gardens of Dovecliff Hall Hotel provided a stunning backdrop for group photos and set the scene for relaxing afternoon drinks. The enchanting melodies of James Barlow, the Wedding Singer, filled the air in the garden and Orangery.

Musical Delights and Romantic Portraits

Whilst the guests were led into the dinner room, we ventured out for romantic couple’s portraits in the stunning grounds of the hotel. James then introduced the couple into the room to whoops and cheers from their guests before getting everyone up and singing!

Speeches and Dancing

After a delicious meal, speeches were started with Natalie’s mum taking the lead, followed by the groom himself, Jack before the best man came in and brought up some interesting stories about Jack in his previous life! 

Everyone was then moved back through to the Orangery where it has been converted to a dancefloor. James led the party again, getting all the guests involved, celebrating the marriage of these two special people.

Sunset Portraits

With the weather being so lovely and the sun setting beautifully, we headed out to get some romantic sun set portraits followed by some fun simple photos on the beautiful stair case inside! 

Once we had finished with these, the dance floor picked up again and the party rocked into the night led by James on the microphone with an impromptu visit from a bagpipe wielding guest!! 

Check out Jack’s moves! 

Natalie and Jack's Dovecliff Hall wedding was a journey of firsts, laughter, and love. As their East Midlands wedding photographer, it was an honor to capture their special day. It was also an honour to be part of the beautiful story they began writing at Dovecliff Hall Hotel. Here's to love taking flight and to many more chapters in Natalie and Jack's story.

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