Intimate Leicester Wedding: Becky and Charlie's Guildhall Celebration

Check out this blog post showing the day where we capture the magic of Becky and Charlie's heartwarming Leicester City Centre wedding. Their intimate celebration was held at the beautiful Leicester Guildhall, featuring handmade folded decorations, a unique reception, and unforgettable moments, made it a day to remember. Join us as we take you through the highlights of their special day.

Guildhall Elegance

Becky and Charlie's wedding day story started at the historic Guildhall in Leicester, where they exchanged vows in a charming ceremony. This iconic venue provided a beautiful backdrop for their intimate celebration, hosting just 25 close friends and family members.

Handcrafted Decor and Unique Reception

One of the highlights of Becky and Charlie's wedding was the abundance of handcrafted decorations that added a personal touch to their day. From meticulously folded paper decorations to matching flowers, every detail was carefully thought out.

The Mayor's Parlour served as the perfect location for the drinks reception. Its cozy ambiance created an inviting atmosphere for guests to mingle and enjoy each other's company.

A Picture-Perfect Couple

Becky and Charlie, though initially shy and not keen on being the center of attention, found comfort and joy in having their photos taken privately around the Guildhall. As a professional Leicester Wedding photographer, capturing their genuine moments of happiness and love was a true delight.

Knighton Park: A Scenic Setting

After the Guildhall, we ventured to Knighton Park for some family and friends photos. The park's natural beauty provided a picturesque setting for capturing the couple's love and happiness. A leisurely walk around the park resulted in even more lovely photographs that beautifully portrayed their affection.

An Intimate Backyard Reception

The reception took place in Charlie's parents' back garden, adorned with more of the couple's handcrafted decorations and matching flowers. The back garden venue created a warm and intimate atmosphere, perfectly reflecting the couple's personalities and the spirit of the day.

A Unique Wedding Meal

A standout feature of Becky and Charlie's wedding was their choice of a local fish and chip shop order for the wedding meal. This unique twist added a delightful touch to the event, and it was a hit with all their guests. It's a reminder that weddings can be personalised to reflect your individual tastes.

Laughter and Fun with Jenga

Jenga also proved to be very popular. Guests eagerly awaited the tower's fall, and the reactions when it finally tumbled down were priceless. Laughter, excitement, camaraderie and competition filled the air, making the day even more memorable.

Heartfelt Speeches

The emotional highpoint of the day came during the heartfelt speeches. Both fathers and the couple themselves delivered moving words that touched the hearts of everyone present. It was a testament to the love and support that surrounded Becky and Charlie on their special day.

Becky and Charlie's Leicester wedding was a beautiful representation of their love, personality, and style. From the intimate ceremony at the Guildhall to the fun and laughter of Jenga, this wedding had it all. It's a testament to the fact that weddings can be uniquely tailored to the couple's desires, creating a day that is truly your own.

For more stunning wedding photography and inspiration, be sure to explore our portfolio and get in touch with us to capture your own special moments. Your love story deserves to be told beautifully.

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