A Winter Wonderland Wedding Kayleigh and Robert's Magical Day at Mill Barns, Shropshire.

Step into the enchanting world of Kayleigh and Robert's winter wedding at the picturesque Mill Barns in Shropshire. From a cold and frosty December day emerged a celebration filled with love, laughter, and magical moments. As their newly chosen Mill Barns Wedding Photographer, I had the privilege of capturing every special detail that made their day truly unique.

Getting to Know Kayleigh and Robert

Kayleigh and Robert had been referred to me after a twist of fate with their original photographer. We made sure to have a meeting before the day to go through their plan and we got to know each other a bit. The couple were really happy to go forward with me as they felt my candid, relaxed, fun filled wedding photography fitted the approach they wanted for their wedding.

The Frosty Setting

This was the first time I had been to The Mill Barns Wedding Venue, so I ensured I arrived early. I marvelled at the venue's beauty in the crisp winter weather. The cold, frosty atmosphere added an extra layer of charm to the surroundings, making it a perfect backdrop for the couple's celebration.

Capturing Details

Whilst I looked around the venue, I made sure to capture the heartfelt details that Kayleigh and Robert had meticulously planned, including a touching memorial for their absent guests. The beautiful flowers, skilfully arranged by Unique Flowers and Fragrance, added a fragrant touch to the day.

Preparations and Anticipation

Downstairs in the wedding prep room, Kayleigh and her bridesmaids, pampered by Demi Marie Hair & Beauty and Bei Hair & Makeup, prepared for the day. Meanwhile, Robert and his groomsmen, along with the couple’s sons, made final preparations in the Wedding Night Suite.

The Heartfelt Reveal

As Kayleigh donned her exquisite dress and jewellery, with help by her mum and bridesmaid, the love and joy were palpable. The reveal to her father was a heartwarming moment, setting the stage for the emotional speeches to come.

The Ceremony

Filled with nervous excitement, Robert awaited Kayleigh's entrance. The ceremony, delivered with humour, eased the tension, and after the exchange of vows, they sealed their union with a heartfelt kiss.

Festive Celebrations

The main hall, adorned with a beautiful Christmas tree, became the backdrop for Kayleigh and Robert's joyous interactions with guests. Magician Christian Fletcher added a touch of magic to the festivities, captivating everyone.

Capturing Moments

Despite the cold, we ventured outdoors for couple and family photos, ensuring a mix of beautiful memories against the scenic backdrop of Mill Barns.

Speeches, Cake, and Dancing

The speeches, delivered by Kayleigh's dad, their eldest son, and Robert, were heartfelt and touching. The evening continued with laughter as Robert playfully assisted Kayleigh with their cake. They then hit the dancefloor for their first dance. The dance floor then came alive with the energy provided by the awesome Ashmore Brothers Band.

Before we left everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening, we took the couple out for another quick photo session. We got some epic photos of the couple in the beautiful, frosty surroundings! 

Are you getting married soon?

Do you envision your dream wedding at the captivating Mill Barns? Then let me be your guide in capturing every moment of your special day. As a newly seasoned Mill Barns Wedding Photographer, I specialise in turning your unique love story into timeless memories. Contact me to discuss your wedding photography needs and let's embark on this magical journey together.

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