A Romantic Summer Affair: Sarah and Chris's Rutland Water Wedding

Step into the romantic tale of Sarah and Chris as we guide you through the beautiful details of their August wedding day. From the serene preparations at Barnsdale Lodges to the heartfelt ceremony at Normanton Church and the lively Marquee reception at Whitwell Point, this wedding was a celebration of love, joy, and distinctive moments. I was very honoured to be chosen as their Rutland Wedding Photographer.

Getting Ready: A Toast to Love

Sarah and Chris commenced their day at Barnsdale Lodges, with Chris and his groomsmen enjoying a champagne breakfast in the sun. The groom's stylish shoes added a personal touch to the morning festivities. The radiant weather set the stage for a perfect day of love and celebration.

Ceremony at Normanton Church: Where The Next Step Begins

Our groom, along with his guests, boarded the Rutland Belle near the Harbour Cafe to sail across Rutland Water to the beautiful Normanton Church. High spirits and an air of excitement filled the brief voyage. Whilst this happened, Sarah, accompanied by her entourage, arrived at the church by car, where her father awaited her.

Ceremony celebrant Rosy Sherry officiated a beautiful service, complemented by the bride's party dancing down the aisle with tambourines. Heartfelt readings and mesmerising singing performances from the couple’s friends added a personal touch to the ceremony. Sarah and Chris exchanged their own vows, sealing their commitment to each other.

Post-Ceremony Delights: Bubbles and Sunshine

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed the August sunshine on the shore of Rutland Water. A unique twist on the traditional confetti toss (confetti is not allowed), guests lined the causeway, offering a hand fan salute while bubbles danced in the breeze.

Of course, as a Rutland Wedding Photographer, we had to get some beautiful photos of the happy couple around the church before heading as a group round to the dock to board the boat back to the other side of the water

Rutland Belle Adventure: Picturesque Moments Across the Water

The Rutland Belle transported the wedding party back to Whitwell Point, where a beautifully decorated marquee awaited. Cold drinks, delightful music, and beautiful views provided the perfect atmosphere for capturing stunning photos of the couple and their wedding party. These were no ordinary formal ‘stand in a line & smile’ photos but genuine moments of joy and connection. Chris’ friends even threw a very trusting groom into the air before safely catching him.

Speeches and Sunset Vibes: A Perfect Evening Unfolds

As the evening progressed, speeches from Chris, Sarah, her father, and the best man added humour, sweetness, and heartfelt sentiments to the celebration. With the sun setting, the couple cut their cake and danced their first dance outside, creating a magical backdrop against the tranquil waters of Rutland. All of a sudden, the music changed and Chris led a conga line around the waterfront much to the entertainment of the guests!

Dancing Under the Stars: A Night to Remember

As the night closed in, laughter and conversation filled the warm evening air until the beautiful sunset, signalled the start of a lively dance party that continued late into the night.

A Day of Love and Laughter

Sarah and Chris's wedding was a testament to love, laughter, and creating unique memories. From the charming details to the picturesque moments, their celebration on Rutland Water was a day that will be cherished forever. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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