A Beautiful Nottingham DIY Wedding: Marie and Sid's Two-Part Celebration

Marie and Sid's wedding was a celebration of love, family, and tradition. With two distinct parts to their special day, this Nottingham DIY wedding offered an unique blend of elegance, Chinese influences, and heartwarming moments. In this blog post, we'll take you through the journey of Marie and Sid's wedding, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Part 1: The One in West Bridgford

Marie began her wedding day in the heart of Nottingham City Centre in the apartment she shares with Sid. Red Chinese decorations adorned the space, symbolising good luck. Her youngest sister and maid of honour joined her and helped her getting ready for the first ceremony of the day.

Marie and her sister were then picked up by her father and they driven to West Bridgford Registry Office. Here, they met the rest of their family. The groom, Sid, was already there with his parents and his sister. The love and support from both families were immediately apparent, setting a heartwarming tone for the day. After the beautiful, lighthearted intimate registry office ceremony, the picturesque backdrop of Bridgford Park became the setting for family photos and joyful moments of Marie and Sid together.

Part 2: The One with the Garden Celebration in Stapleford

The second part of the celebration took place at Marie's parents' home in Stapleford. A marquee in their garden was elegantly decorated with Chinese influences, creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere. Friends & family all joined in to help set up for the second part of the day.

Marie and Sid shared a simple carrot cake as their wedding cake and enjoyed champagne with their friends and family. As they got ready for the main ceremony, Marie donned another elegant white dress, while Sid added a waistcoat, tie, and buttonhole to his morning outfit.

The ceremony, officiated by Nichola of Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies, was filled with laughter, happy tears, smiles, and cheers. Due to rain, the ceremony took place in the marquee instead of the ,originally planned, garden, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the guests.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered outside to throw confetti over the newlyweds and capture group photos to celebrate the joyful occasion. The couple then changed into Chinese red outfits and embarked on the next part of their wedding journey.

The celebrations continued with heartwarming speeches from Marie's dad, the groom, his best man, and Marie's maid of honour. Laughter and smiles abounded, filling the air with happiness.

It was important to the couple for them to have photos in each of their outfits but especially their Chinese ones. We lucked out with the rain stopping briefly so headed around the house finding quiet spots for the couple to have a moment together and get some cute photos of the two of them.

As the day progressed, the couple had their first dance as a married couple in the middle of her parents’ kitchen, and then Sid took over DJ duties, ensuring the party was lively and full of energy. A breathtaking dusk rainbow appeared, providing a unique and magical backdrop for a fantastic photo.

The night continued with the couple and their guests rocking out in the kitchen, dancing and celebrating their love into the night.

Marie and Sid's wedding day was a beautiful blend of happiness, love, elegance, and joy. With two distinct parts, their celebration showcased their love for each other and the support of their families and friends. It was a day filled with laughter, heartfelt moments, and unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever. It was a perfect example of a unique wedding that fitted this couple perfectly.

Some lovely words from the bride’s mother: 

“Sending unconditional gratitude and appreciation to you Chris! ❤️ We were so very lucky to have you with us throughout the day! So much more than a photographer! Your warmth, enthusiasm and practical assistance contributed hugely to the fantastic success of this special day 😊 Un grand merci!”

What the couple had to say:

“We had the most amazing experience with Chris as our wedding photographer. He was very responsive from our initial email onwards. It only took a chat over zoom to know he'd be a great fit for our day. He was so warm and friendly that we were immediately put at ease. 

On the day itself Chris was so helpful in helping things run smoothly.He was an invaluable source of wedding know-how. Thanks to his gentle reminders we are able to stick to all the timings planned on the day. We also got photos of everything we wanted. I cannot overstate how helpful this was on an already manic day! Chris even spotted a rainbow at the end of the night while we were on the dance floor and got us outside for a picture which was amazing. 

We are so happy with the photos and our whole experience. We wholeheartedly recommend Chris! Not only for his outstanding photography  - but also his incredible people skills and helpfulness on the day. 

Thank you, Chris!”