RUtland wedding photographer

Hey there! Are you planning your perfect Rutland wedding and dreaming of capturing those magical moments in photos that pop with joy and personality? Well, you've stumbled upon the right Rutland wedding photographer! I'm Chris, your friendly neighbourhood Rutland wedding photographer, and I'm here to make your wedding photography dreams a reality (with minimal cheese involved, I promise!).

Think less stiff poses and forced smiles, and more candid laughter, heartwarming tears, and all the in-between moments that make your story unique. My style is relaxed and mainly documentary, telling your story through beautiful images that feel real, natural, and bursting with your genuine spark. Whether you're picturing yourselves exchanging vows at the grand Hambleton Hall or among the natural beauty of Rutland Water, I'll be there to capture it all with a smile and an eagle eye for those special moments.

Here's the lowdown:

  • We chat first: Before anything else, let's book a meeting and get to know each other. Understanding your vision and what makes your love story special is key to capturing it perfectly.
  • Packages that flex: Don't need all the bells and whistles? No sweat! My coverage is flexible to fit your budget and ensure you get the coverage you crave.
  • Ninja mode activated: I'll blend in seamlessly, capturing those genuine moments without ever feeling intrusive. Think of me as your friendly fly-on-the-wall, documenting your day with a smile.
  • Gallery goals: Expect stunning, professionally edited photos that you'll want to frame, share, and cherish forever. Think vibrant colours, natural light magic, and images that capture the true essence of your celebration.
  • Stress-free zone: My calm and organised approach means you can focus on enjoying your day, knowing your memories are in good hands. So, relax, have fun, and let's create some photo magic together!

Ready to chat and make your Rutland wedding photography dreams a reality? Drop me a line and let's start planning! Don't be shy to ask any questions, and feel free to check out my portfolio to see if my style jives with yours.

P.S. I'm a sucker for a good love story, so tell me all about yours! Let's make your wedding photos something truly special.

"Chris captured our day perfectly!"

"It was a totally relaxed day and he was a huge part of it . Thoroughly recommend! Thank you Chris, we are so pleased you made our day look as special as it was!"

Sharon & Paul


Nice & Close by

Living in Leicester, Rutland is just down the road and a regular haunt for me & my family. I have photographed a lot around the county and especially around Rutland Water. I have gained a lot of experience of the venues and features of this beautiful county.

Storytelling, Not Posing

My style focuses on natural moments and genuine emotions. I believe your wedding day should be filled with joy and spontaneity, not forced poses.

Experience You Can Trust

With almost 500 weddings photographed, I have the experience and expertise to navigate any situation while remaining unobtrusive.

memories that will last

I deliver high-resolution images that beautifully capture the magic of your day, allowing you to relive it for years to come.


Personalised Approach

I take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and unique story. This ensures your photos reflect your personalities and the special moments that matter most.

Flexible Coverage

I offer a flexible approach to my photography whether you're looking for full-day coverage or more intimate packages. Let me know what you are looking for and I can put together a package for you.

Unforgettable Experience

I pride myself on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests, letting you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest and not worrying about being constantly on show!

not just a photographer

Mary Poppins with a Camera is a name I have been particular proud of over the years. After almost 500 weddings you get to know what is useful to have with you i.e. a crochet hook for the dress, blister pads, spare cufflinks etc. It also teaches you things like how to tie a good full Windsor knot or how to lace a corset backed dress!

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Why Should We Book You as our Rutland Wedding Photographer?

Why Choose a local (ish) Rutland Wedding Photographer?

My approach goes beyond just capturing snapshots. I strive to document the heart and soul of your wedding, telling your unique story through images that evoke emotions and memories. This means immersing myself in your celebration, getting to know you as a couple, and anticipating those candid moments that truly reflect your personalities. From the joyful tears during your vows to the laughter shared with loved ones on the dance floor, I'll be there to discreetly capture the essence of your Rutland wedding day. I also step out of the traditional role of a photographer and work closely with any management/planning staff to ensure your day works as smoothly as possible, removing as much stress and unnecessary faff. This allows you to relaxed and enjoy your wedding day to the max, which will be captured in my photographs.

Choosing a local (ish) photographer like myself brings distinct advantages. I possess an extensive understanding of Rutland's beauty and charm, from historical landmarks to hidden gems, allowing me to utilise the county's unique charm as a backdrop for your wedding story. Whether you seek the elegance of Exton Hall or the beauty surroundings of Normanton Church, I'll guide you to stunning settings that enhance your wedding aesthetic and tell your love story visually. Additionally, having local connections enables me to navigate unforeseen situations smoothly, ensuring your peace of mind on your special day.

This is the venue everyone thinks of when they think of Rutland. Situated sticking out into Rutland Water, Normanton Church is beautiful chapel, looked after perfectly by Anglia Water. A lot of people get married here and there is a reason, the venue is a great backdrop in itself but the surroundings are absolutely stunning on a beautiful day! It's a little bit bracing on a windy day though!

Sat towards the end of the Hambleton Peninsula, Hambleton Hall is a little oasis, surrounded by water, trees and green. It is so quiet and peaceful. With Michelin starred food and service to match, it is a fantastic place for small and medium weddings. The grounds are beautiful with a great vista over Rutland Water.

Not just one venue but an estate, there are different parts to suit everyone. Fort Henry, a magical Gothic folly, is situated down by a beautiful lake with very little around, perfect for an intimate ceremony before heading back over to the main hall for your reception! Absolutely no chance of running out of photo ideas at this venue! A fantastic place for a wedding.


Just set back from the shore of Rutland Water is Normanton Park Hotel, a lovely hotel which some beautiful spaces for your wedding, be a small intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest or a full on party with everyone you know! With views over the water and only a short walk to the shore, this is a perfect venue to capture the sunset over Rutland Water.

other rutland venues I have photographed

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