An Enchanting Wedding at Shottle Hall with Beer Pong, Sunsets, Alpacas & Baby Emus!

When love meets at a picturesque venue, you can expect magic to unfold. That's precisely what happened at Shottle Hall near Belper in Derbyshire, where Vicky and Tom held their wedding. As a Shottle Hall Photographer I was delighted to share their heartwarming day, filled with laughter, cheekiness, dancing and naughty baby animals.

The Serendipitous Start

Our story commences at Shottle Hall in 2018, where Vicky and Tom attended their friends, Jenna and Mark's wedding. After spending a fantastic day celebrating their marriage, Vicky & Tom decided Shottle Hall would play a significant role in their own love story. Alongside the venue, they loved the photographs I took for their friends and want me to capture their wedding as well.

A Twist of Fate

Fate had a different timeline in mind, and their original wedding date in June 2020 had to be postponed to June 2021 due to COVID lockdown restrictions. Due to this, in another bout of serendipity, I ended up being the second photographer at Tom's sister, Jo's wedding just three weeks before Vicky and Tom's big day alongside my friend Martin Cheung.

Getting Ready in Style

The excitement of their wedding day began with Vicky getting her hair and makeup done at the charming Oakerthorpe Holiday Village near Alfreton. The surroundings were idyllic, complete with adorable baby emus. It was quite a sight to see Vicky and Jo being chased by these curious little creatures!

We then all moved on to the breathtaking bridal suite at Shottle Hall to put the finishing touches to Vicky's beautiful bridal look.

A Heartfelt Ceremony

The couple's ceremony was a beautiful affair, filled with touching moments and a heartfelt reading by Jo. Love and joy overflowed, creating memories to last a lifetime.

An Alpaca Adventure

The weather graced them with its splendor, allowing the drinks reception to be held outdoors. To make it even more memorable, alpacas joined the celebration. I couldn't resist taking them for a walk with the couple, capturing fun and endearing photos of this unique experience. Exploring the gorgeous grounds, we also snapped some adorable photos of the shy pair.

Whimsical Wonderland

Their day held a subtle Alice in Wonderland theme, with "Drink Me" labeled favours and ornate key attachments. Little animal characters explored each table, adding a touch of whimsy to the celebration.

Heartfelt Speeches

After a delectable dinner, the guests were treated to heartfelt speeches from Vicky's dad, her brother, the couple themselves, and their best man. Laughter and tears of joy filled the air.

Chasing Sunsets

As the sun set over the fields behind the venue, we seized the opportunity to capture stunning sunset photos. Love, laughter, and a touch of magic were all beautifully framed against the backdrop of nature's artistry.

Fun and Games

Returning to the festivities, a friendly game of beer pong added a competitive edge to the celebration, bringing out the playful spirit in Tom and many other guests.

The Grand Finale

The first dance was a delightful and quick affair, followed by an open invitation for everyone to join in. The party that ensued was a spectacular celebration of love and life. It was wonderful to reconnect with Jenna and Mark (another day in my life as a Shottle Hall Photographer) and also Jo and Jamie, who had celebrated their own special days just 3 weeks before.

Vicky and Tom's wedding at Shottle Hall was a beautiful, fun, love-filled affair that will be cherished for a lifetime. From the chance meeting 3 weeks earlier to the charming animal encounters and the sunset wander, it was a day filled with love and laughter. I was thrilled to be a part of this magical celebration, and I can't wait to capture more stories of love and joy in the future.

Congratulations, Vicky and Tom!

Returning to Shottle Hall to photograph another amazing wedding was great and I would love to do it again. If you are planning your wedding at Shottle Hall, get in touch and we can discuss how this Shottle Hall Photographer can help make your day the best day possible!

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