Follow us on the exciting wedding day of Sarah and Ross. As they embarked on their journey of love at the stunning Tipis at Whatton House near Loughborough. From the nervous energy of getting ready to the joyous celebration under the marquee. Every moment was a testament to the love they share. Join us, your local Whatton House Wedding Photographer, as we delve into the highlights of this heartwarming day. It filled with laughter, romance, and unforgettable memories.

Getting Ready: A Father's Touch and Bridal Bliss

The day began with Ross and his best man preparing for the day ahead. With Ross's father helping with the final details. Meanwhile, Sarah, got ready along with her bridesmaids and daughter Freya. They all experienced the excitement and nerves that come with getting ready for a wedding. It was a scene filled with anticipation and love.

Pub Gathering and Convertible Cruising

After spending some time at the local pub, Ross and his groomsmen headed to Whatton House. They travelled in style, cruising in a convertible Mercedes-Benz 420 SL Auto. Meanwhile, guests gathered at the Tipis at Whatton House in anticipation of the upcoming ceremony.

Marquee Magic: A Sweet and Funny Ceremony captured by Whatton House Wedding Photographer

The open ceremony marquee at Whatton House set the stage for a sweet and funny ceremony. Smiles and support filled the air as Sarah and her bridal party made their entrance. The couple exchanged vows. Then as they exited, they were surrounded by a sea of wand streamers. This was in place of confetti and it added a touch of magic to this newlywed moment!

Grounds of Whatton House: Fun, Romance, and Oversized Swings

Following the ceremony, everyone enjoyed the beautiful grounds and weather with refreshing drinks. Fun and relaxed photos captured the joy shared by the couple, family, and friends. A stroll through the grounds led to sweet and romantic photos of Sarah and Ross. There was a playful touch added by an oversized swing, powered by a couple of very overexcited groomsmen.

Delightful Meal and Heartfelt Speeches

A delightful meal marked a moment of shared joy before the speeches began. Funny, loving, and occasionally embarrassing for Ross, the speeches added a personal touch to the celebration. This help create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Sunset Strolls and Evening Elegance

As the sun set beautifully, Sarah and Ross took a wander to capture stunning sunset photos. The day continued with the cake cut and first dance, marking the beginning of an evening filled with celebration and joy.

Sparkler Magic and Epic Party Vibes

As darkness fell, the festivities continued with a fun sparklers shot outside. The dance floor beckoned, and an epic party unfolded, with everyone joining in the celebration. The dodgy summer shirts from the stag-do made an appearance and laughter, dance, and drink fuelled excitement made for an unforgettable night.

A Day of Love and Celebration

Sarah and Ross's Whatton House wedding was a day to remember, filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments. From the intimate getting ready scenes to the sparkler-lit finale, every detail added to the magic of their celebration. Congratulations to the happy couple on a day that truly reflected the depth of their love.

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